As an artist I am always looking for something new to paint, my usual medium is water based oils and although I also make a lot of different handcrafts, I was looking for something else to have a go at.

I have always had a passion for sculpting and came across someone creating an animal sculpture, from wool of all things, on youtube. Fascinated I watched a number of videos by a number of different people and was so enthused I had to go find some wool and try it.

It took days to locate a supplier here but finally I had a little stock of different colours, some needles, wire and a lot of enthusiasm. I made an armature and started my first needle felted creation, adding and building until it was done. It blew me away how easy and cathartic it was to use this medium. No sew clothing was stabbed onto the form, necklines were perfect and hair  was a breeze. I loved how the wool was so forgiving, soon I had a number of figurines I had created and I was hooked! There is just something about working with your hands in a tactile manner as you do with wool – it is a medium that allows a lot of creative control and it seems no mistake is unfixable.


I eventually I moved on to try wet and nuno felting. I loved this as much as the dry (needle) felting, loving that  you can start with clumps of wool and other materials and by arranging and working them with just soap and water you can create a fabric that’s tebag3xtured or drapable and wearable, each design unique because you can’t do the exact same thing again no matter how hard you try. With some experimenting you can create some pretty amazing things. I moved into trying resists and love that there is no seams in the garments and items I created.

ext I wanted to try a wall hanging/picture. The first was a simple picture of a woman’s back,   wet felted. I was pretty pleased with the result and have moved on to other pictures scenes and pets that require more intricacy. I played around until I have found a method that works well for me and I am impressed how much fun it is to create this way, I think the neatest part is how you can blend the wool to create new colours like you can on a painters pallet so you always have the right colour that you need.


Totally hooked on this medium – now I make and sell many different items made from felting, wall hangings, scarves and neckwarmers, dryer balls, felted soaps, characters with armatures, hottie covers, hats, gloves, pictures and portraits… so much fun!!