I have to admit in some instances I am becoming overly sensitive to some of our societies acceptable smells. As I get older, things like cat pee, burnt hair, methane (heh), smoking, perfumes, cleaners, body sprays, air fresheners or incense etc can make me feel ill, slap my olfactory senses with a brick bat,  give me asthma or make my nose and eyes run with some even triggering a migraine.  Some people have body odours or breath that smells like something crawled up in there and died – invariably this is because of health issues rather than poor hygiene but the slapped on perfume is self-inflicted and I beg all of you to think before you stink out other peoples worlds.

Last night we went to dinner – we enjoyed an amazing meal – the taste was divine in fact it was one of the best meals I had had for a long time. Nothing nicer on a cold night – fire burning – good company – a nice wine and a wonderful meal and lingering to chat away afterwards, feeling content with a full belly.

Three ladies came in as we were halfway through the main meal and sat a little distance behind us. There is no nice way to say this… they stunk, absolutely stunk and judging from their clothing and the airs they all put on, tittering and talking behind their hands, they would be horrified if they realised how badly their perfumes smelt. It appeared as if they had each slathered on a multitude of different smells, building layers up and up which permeated the very air, swirling into every corner of the building so you had no place to hide from the overpowering stench of the assorted scents wafting off them as they settled into a table close by.

Chattering away they preened for each other as the human race is somewhat inclined to do until one fossicking in her handbag  triumphantly extracted a tube of hand cream from its bowels and handed it excitedly around her friends. As if what they had on wasn’t enough, they all lathered more into their skin tittering and cooing before passing the offending tube to the next person who repeated the process. The stench of their various overpowering perfumes which now including the hand cream, fought together in the air, hovering overhead and settling on our food building to the point I could taste it on my meal and it stung my nose as I breathed. As the stench settled on our table people around me stopped talking keeping their mouths closed so as not to taste the air, so over powering was the smell, ruining a perfect evening for my entire table.

Seriously ladies that was disgusting and you ruined a really nice evening for everyone at my table with the overload of smells – think before you stink !